Advanced Driving Courses

Post test and Courses

Improve your road skills

You may already be a proficient driver, but taking an advanced driving course will boost your skills behind the wheel. Want to become a more confident driver? Or maybe you just feel you’re a little out of practice? Our courses for existing licence holders can set you on the road to being a driving expert.

Build your own course

Our highly skilled instructors are happy to give bespoke training for the area you’d like to focus on. Get in touch to arrange a personally tailored refresher lesson today.

What kind of advanced driving courses are there?

We offer refresher courses and the Pass Plus qualification.

Refresher courses are a minimum of two hours, although we recommend around five to get the most out of them. As mentioned, these can be tailored to any area in which you’d like to improve. There’s no qualification, but we guarantee that you’ll be more confident and capable as a result.

Pass Plus is Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)-recognised course which enhances your driving ability. It’s a six-hour session, after which you’ll receive a certificate. You’ll also be a more courteous, safer driver, with better road awareness and vehicle control. This qualification is most popular among newly qualified drivers.

What can I learn on an advanced driving course?

You can choose the areas and skills you’d like to concentrate on. But ultimately, any advanced course for existing licence holders will aim to make you a safer, more competent driver.

Skills you can learn include, but are not limited to:

Taking a refresher course won’t qualify you for a car insurance discount. But although these courses aren’t recognised by car insurance providers, you might reduce your premiums indirectly by being a safer driver. The less likely you are to be involved in an accident, the cheaper your car insurance will get over time. This is because insurers offer better-priced insurance to motorists with a good, incident-free driving record.

The cost of advanced lessons usually varies depending on where in the country you are, and how much extra training you need. But you can get a no-obligation quote to get a better idea.

Refresher Lessons

There are several reasons why motorists require refresher lessons, from needing additional assurance to get behind the wheel following an accident to building confidence when driving on a motorway or at night – our instructors listen to your needs and tailor your course accordingly.

Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a practical training course that takes a minimum of 6 hours to complete and is designed for drivers to improve their skills.

Intensive courses

Our instructors will create a personalised lesson plan designed to give you the skills you need to pass your practical driving test, whilst ensuring you become a safe, confident motorist.