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Intensive driving lessons

We’ll cut straight to the chase - here at BSM, we don’t offer a 'crash course' in learning to drive . It’s understandable that people want to get on the road quickly, but we believe this should never come at the cost of training our pupils safely and comprehensively.

We give driving lessons at a pupil’s preferred pace. Even if the preferred pace is ‘lightning’, we’ll still never recommend that a pupil applies for a practical test before we’re sure they’re ready. This doesn't mean you cant pass fast, in fact at BSM we love to see you progress at pace, with confidence and pass first time.

Block booking lessons

The best way to get learning quickly is to book bulk lessons with us, this is also where you can make some great savings with £50 off a ten hour block. This also means you can progress quickly through the key driving skills, without cutting corners.

What is an intensive driving course, exactly?

Intensive driving lessons are a route some people take who want to get their licence as quickly as possible. These can sometimes be daily lessons between two and five hours long, and typically two weeks. If the idea of going from total beginner to being qualified to drive in just two week rings alarm bells, then you're not alone.

Is it possible to pass your test this quickly?

We don’t doubt that it’s possible for someone to take a 2 week course s and pass their test… We are sceptical that this will provide a comprehensive foundation for being a safe, competent driver for life, though.

How soon can I apply for my driving test?

When you apply for your practical test, there’s no minimum requirement for hours of practice, or number of lessons taken. You just need to have a provisional licence, and proof that you’ve passed your driving theory test. While this suggests that an intensive driving course might seem viable, in reality we all know what practice makes.

When my instructor thinks I’m ready, how soon can I get my licence?

Another consideration for those in a hurry is that it might take a while to actually get a driving test slot. It’s not uncommon for test centres to be booked well in advance, sometimes for months. So even if you opt for intensive driving lessons, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to book a test immediately - so it’s well worth factoring this in.

What are crash course lessons?

Crash course driving and intensive driving courses are the same thing. Obviously crash course comes with its own unfortunate connotations, but in practice they’re one and the same. It's a similar approach to doing all your revision the night before a big exam - hoping you'll remember enough to get through, but without really having a good understanding of it.

What if the course comes with a guarantee I’ll pass?

Treat any claims about a guaranteed with a pinch of salt. Just like other learner drivers, those who take intensive lessons will have to pass their practical test. The examiner will fail anybody who accrues too many faults, and a major or dangerous fault will mean an immediate fail. As such, a driving test pass or fail will come down to the driver’s performance on the day. Any guarantee that you pass may more realistically mean a refund or partial refund if you don’t.

So how can I get my licence quickly?

Everyone is different, some people can pick driving up very quickly, others might take a little longer. We would recommend taking a 10 hour driving lesson bundle to begin with, usually taken in 2 hour blocks, then speaking to the instructor about how many more you might need to be test ready. It could be that's all it will take, but it's worth remembering the average is 45 hours of professional practice to pass - but some take more, some need less, depending on the individual.

Intensive driving lessons near me

Wherever you are in the UK, you shouldn’t be too far from our network of expert instructors. Popular locations include Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield.