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BSM is one of the most experienced and trusted driving schools in the UK, with over 100 years of driving lesson experience dating back to 1910, 800 instructors across the country, and a sales team of over 100 staff waiting for your phone call. Learning to drive in London takes special expertise and we have plenty of instructors here at BSM ready to start tomorrow.

All our BSM instructors are trained and approved by the DVSA, we only accept the best

Over 75% of BSM’s students pass within the first 40 hours of lessons

97% of our students recommend us to their friends once they pass*

We’ve got a flexible schedule to fit even the busiest London lifestyle, with plenty of mornings, evening and weekend hours available

This year alone our students have driven independently for 18,000 hours, now that’s what we call experience!

Got a test coming up? Use our short notice test product for test cover and lessons leading up to the big day!

Our instructors in London

All our instructors are DBS checked for your safety

Ragip Goxhuli
< 1 year
Brenda Vernege
14+ years
Chris Roberts
< 1 year

Tired of waiting?

Thousands of people are trying to book driving lessons in London every week. Rather than waiting around for a private instructor, give our team a call and we can help arrange lessons starting as soon as possible. No matter the Borough, no matter your experience, BSM has your back in London.

Call today, book a lesson for tomorrow

Our instructors have flexible schedules and are willing to get started whenever you are

We love short notice bookings and always strive to find you a spot in the next available slot

BSM is all about our experienced instructors - on average we deliver 18,000 lessons a week

84% of pupils stay with the same instructor from their 1st lesson to their practical test

Intensive Training

London is a fast-paced city and sometimes you need to kick it up a notch. BSM’s intensive driving courses are designed to be taken over the course of a few weeks. This a cost-effective and time-saving method to pass your test in no time at all. Contact the BSM team today to find out more about our lessons and to book in with one of our great instructors.

We also understand how frustrating it can be if your driving test falls through at the last moment.

No better place to learn

BSM has been teaching people how to drive in the UK since 1910. In that time we’ve taught millions of lessons, covered enough miles to travel to the Moon this year alone, and helped students master 72,000 parallel parks this year. Our introduction offers, bulk discounts for multiple lessons, and awesome customer service make us an easy choice in London.

We receive and process over 20,000 pupil enquiries a month

Our first-time pass rate is at an amazing 59%, that’s 10% higher than the DVSA national average

BSM is proud of its 9/10 student satisfaction score, and it’s all down to our awesome instructors *

Busy during the week? Work long hours? We offer morning, evening and weekend hours for a schedule that is built around your lifestyle, not ours

Test around the corner? Use our last-minute lesson product for an extra boost of confidence before the big day

Did you know? BSM actually helped create the driving test!

No unnecessary lessons

All our years of experience have helped us streamline the driving lesson process. There are no wasted hours, no unnecessary lessons, and each of our instructors knows exactly when you’re ready to take your driving test...and pass the first time! We don’t compromise on the quality of our lessons but we do make it much faster and more affordable to learn to drive in London.

Turn out to be a master of navigating London behind the wheel? Don’t need those extra lessons? We’ll refund you, even if you’ve booked in advance

We offer introductory lessons, discounts on bulk sets of lessons, and specialized lessons shaped around your experience and confidence behind the wheel

How do we prove we know what we’re doing? Our first-time pass rate is 10% higher than the national DVSA average

We’ve delivered so many lessons, our instructors have gone through 5,600 tyres this year!

Did you know?

You don’t need to wait around until you’ve passed your theory test before you start driving around London. Our instructors are ready to start tomorrow, so why bother with all the studying in the meantime? Learning is more fun when it’s hands-on!

You can ask your instructor any questions after your lessons, they do know everything about driving !

We’ll help you to build up the confidence you need to handle the theory test with ease

Learn about speed limits, road signs and stopping distances practically on the road, it’s a much better way of learning!

Learning to drive with BSM in London

Manual or automatic?

Finding it difficult to choose between a Manual or Automatic car? Truth is, in London, an Automatic car might make more sense, there’s a lot of traffic and a lot of stopping and starting. However, if you still can’t make up your mind, our dual-control 208 and 308 Peugeot learner cars mean you can try out both styles before deciding.

Manual gives you freedom in the future to drive both Automatic and Manual cars, ideal if you might be driving different cars because of your career

Automatic cars are easier to drive because they don’t have a clutch - if you feel a bit nervy on the road Automatic might be the best place to start

If you have any questions, just ask your instructor during your first couple of lessons

Beginner or pro?

Over the years we have seen it all at BSM. From those who have never sat behind the wheel of a car before to students who have already had 50 hours of lessons. Whether you need a full-on introduction to how a car (and the road) works or just have a few areas that need tweaking before the big test, all our lessons are structured around you and you alone. Our experience enables your success.

First-time lessons from BSM are designed to give you a complete rundown of all things driving, from indicators to license plates

Think you’ve got the hang of driving but still don’t feel comfortable on the road? Let us know, we can arrange confidence-boosting lessons to give you a helping hand

Nervy on the motorway? Still not 100% on that specific parking manoeuvre? Tell your instructor and we can sort out any type of lesson you need

Want to cover ground as quickly as possible? Contact us about our intensive consecutive-day lessons

Already passed your test but want to learn even more? The BSM Pass Plus Course is designed to help you excel with more specific parts of driving

Member benefits

Signing up with BSM isn’t just about our trained, experienced and friendly instructors, you’re also joining one of the oldest and most trusted driving schools in the country. As our thank you for choosing BSM in London, we also offer you free AA standy recovery membership for you to use once you’ve passed your test. We’ll take care of you now, and into the future!

Test locations near London

London’s driving centres are unique because of the sheer size of the city and its greater area. Each borough has its own set of routes, although most driving tests follow the same challenges and skills needed when navigating a city the size of London.

There are busy residential roads, traffic jams, tight parking manoeuvres and plenty of buses and bicycles. London presents many challenges to the learner driver but you’re in good hands with BSM.

Here at BSM, we teach thousands of people how to drive across the city every year - you can trust our instructors to get you over the line with all the confidence and experience you need to ace your test the first time around.

Wanstead (London) Practical Test Centre

Pass Rate:35.70%

2 Devon House, Hermon Hill, Wanstead, Greater London, E11 2AW

Chingford (London) Practical Test Centre

Pass Rate:37.80%

Doric House, 128 Station Road, Chingford, Greater London, E4 6AD



Mile End Theory Test Centre

Pass Rate:46.20%

3 Quebec Wharf, 14 Thomas Road, , London, , E14 7AF