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The Advantages
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Driving Tests

The Advantages of Weekend Driving Tests

Driving test day is a big day in anyone’s life, as it’s the day on which you could achieve the freedom that having your driving licence brings. The question is - have you given any thought to what day of the week you’d like your test to be on?

You may or may not know that you can have your driving test at the weekend, as well as during the week. They are harder to get, but if you can, you get to enjoy a number of advantages that could end up tipping the balance in your favour when it counts. Even the smallest details can help when you’re on your test.

Here we look into some of the benefits that you get when taking your driving test at the weekend and how it can actually improve chances of achieving the dream of getting your full driving licence. Let’s dig into those advantages now.

The Weekend Is Often More Convenient

Whether you work full time or you’re at college or university, there’s a very good chance that you’ll be busier during the week than at the weekend. This often makes arranging your test on a Saturday or Sunday more convenient in terms of scheduling it around your obligations.

This is particularly the case if you work 9-5 Monday-Friday, as you’ll likely have to take a day’s holiday or lose some pay in order to take your test. You could, of course, take a long lunch to or book yours in the evening to fit it in on a day when you’re working, but in either sense, it’s not as convenient as having it when you have the whole day to work with.

There’s Likely to Be Less Traffic On the Roads

Whilst it’s not 100% guaranteed, you would probably find the roads to be less busy if you were to take your driving test at the weekend. One thing that is for sure, however, is that you wouldn’t have to deal with rush hour happening right in the middle of your exam, which can make things tricky if you’re more nervous in heavy traffic.

Obviously, any number of things can make the roads busy on a Saturday or a Sunday. Factors like it being a Bank Holiday weekend can affect things, but generally speaking, you should find that a weekend driving test will afford you more time and space while driving.

You’re More Likely to Be Relaxed On Test Day

You may not be able to do much about all of your driving test nerves on the big day, but when taking your test on a day off, you’re much more likely to be more relaxed. Being calmer and less stressed allows you to better focus on the job in hand and gives you a greater chance of passing.

Booking your practical driving test at the weekend could mean that you have the whole day to prepare for it. Also, not having to rush out at lunch time or work all day before your test should lead to you being more composed and better prepared for the challenges your test presents.

BSM Prepares You Fully for Driving Test Day

As you can see, the benefits of a weekend driving test relate to your convenience, traffic levels and the fact that you’re much more likely to be relaxed - which can have a big bearing on how you do. That said, taking your test at the weekend might have no influence on whether you pass or fail, as it can often come down to personal preference.

Whatever your own preference is, BSM can find the most suitable test dates and times to suit your needs, as we are dedicated to helping you pass.