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Should I Bring My
Driving Instructor
on My Test?

Should I Take My Driving Instructor On My Driving Test?

If you’re approaching your practical test, you’ve probably given the day itself quite a bit of thought. During your research about what happens on the day, you may have discovered that your driving instructor is allowed to come with you on the test itself. Now, for some, this is a great idea, whereas for others it’s not so great.

Ultimately, its down to your own particular preference. Here we look at the pros and cons of taking your driving instructor out with you on the big day.

The Pros of Taking Your Instructor With You

First of all, let’s take a look at the reasons why having your driving instructor with you as you take your practical test is a good idea.

It’s Reassuring

By the time your practical test rolls around, you will likely be quite familiar with your instructor, as they will usually have been with you throughout your learning journey. This bond is something that can provide you with some reassurance on the day when you may be suffering a little with nerves.

They Can Help Your Memory

Whilst your instructor can’t lean forwards from the back seat and remind you of things on your driving test, their presence can help trigger the muscle memory you’ve built up during your time together. It doesn’t work for everyone, but with your instructor in the car, it could help you hear your instructor’s voice in your mind at important moments like when you need to check your blind spot.

They Can Provide Motivation

Depending on what sort of person you are, you could see the presence of your instructor on your test as an added motivation to push yourself to success. It might be that you want to prove to your tutor that you’ve taken everything on board and this can really help you be your best when it counts.

Detailed Feedback if You Do Happen to Fail

Whether you like to admit it or not, there is a possibility that you might fail your test. Not wanting to be negative, but if you were to fail and your driving instructor was there, they would be able to give you detailed feedback on how you could do things better next time.

The Cons of Taking Your Instructor on Your Test

Having your instructor in the car with you on your driving test isn’t for everyone. Let’s now take a look at some reasons why doing so might not be a good idea for you.

It Might Make You Feel Extra Pressure

When you’re on your test, it can make you feel a bit pressured to succeed, given all the time, money and effort you’ve put into learning. It could be that you might see having your instructor present as adding to that pressure, giving you the feeling that you don’t want to let them down.

Extra Eyes Watching Your Driving

It’s quite common to feel nerves on the big day and part of the reason for this is that you know that your examiner is watching your every move. If your instructor is there, you could be made to feel even more nervous with another set of eyes on you.

It Could Put You Off Your Driving

Checking your rear-view mirror is part and parcel of safe driving and most learners don’t tend to drive with someone sitting in the backseat. The problem is that this is where your instructor would sit and you’d spot them every time you checked your mirror. This could prove off-putting and distract you from what you’re doing, particularly when performing a reverse manoeuvre.

It’s Completely Up to You

At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to you whether your instructor comes with you or not and it’s really down to what you feel comfortable doing. Your tutor won’t take it personally if you decide against it, as your instructor wants you to pass every bit as much as you do.

Go with what you feel best about, as what really matters is you being able to pass your test - everything else is just details!