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Want to pass your test quickly without the hassle of dealing with an instructor over the phone? Can’t find a reliable instructor in Wakefield? That’s where BSM comes in. We’re one of the UK’s leading driving schools with over 800 instructors across the country.

Our instructor’s flexible schedules make it easy to book morning, evening and weekend hours based on your lifestyle!

Over 75% of BSM students pass their test within the first 40 hours of lessons

1-2-1 instruction that is easy to keep track of and always focused on you

We’re experienced - BSM has been teaching people to drive in the UK for the last 100 years and even helped design the modern driving test

Our instructors in Wakefield

All our instructors are DBS checked for your safety

Anthony Varley
1+ years
Stu Buckley
1+ years
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Tired of waiting?

We know how frustrating it can be trying to contact a driving instructor. That’s why we’ve done everything we can to make it easy as possible to book driving lessons in Wakefield. Just contact our team - made up of over 100 call centre staff - and book today!

Call today, get driving tomorrow - it’s that easy

Don’t want to miss a lesson because something comes up? Let us know, we have no problem with amendments to your lessons

Driving test around the corner and want to cram a few extra lessons? We offer short notice bookings

Intensive Training

Learning to drive doesn’t have to take months and a hundred hours of lessons. The BSM intensive driving course in Wakefield is designed to be fast and efficient, getting you on the road in a fraction of the time ordinary lessons would take. Give us a call to find out more about intensive driving training.

Plus, we know how devastating it can be when your fail or get let down. We can help you get back on track fast with you learning - whatever your circumstance or predicament just give us a call today, BSM can help.

No better place to learn

BSM has been in the business longer than most, and we have over 800 instructors across the UK. Each of our instructors go through a training and vetting process, guaranteeing quality tuition at an excellent price. Nothing beats BSM!

Thanks to our great instructors we receive a 9/10 student rating from those who’ve passed their test with BSM *

Flexible schedule hours with morning, evening and weekend lessons on our roster

1-2-1 instruction is key, we may have 800 instructors but your instructor is dedicated to your lessons!

How do we know our instructors are so great? Over 84% of our students stick with their first instructor right the way until they pass their test

No unnecessary lessons

BSM doesn’t take this stuff lightly - we won’t pester you with extra lessons or waste your time. We want you to pass fast and first-time. Our instructors have delivered over one million hours of quality tuition this year alone and know exactly when you’re ready to take the test. If you want to get on the road fast, choose BSM.

Turn out to be a driving expert? Pick it all up basically overnight? We won’t charge you for the booked lessons you don’t need

Feeling under the weather and you know your lesson won’t be worth it? No problem, we’re here to work with you

We’re also super proud of our 59% first-time pass rate, that’s 10% higher than the national average!**

Did you know?

You don’t have to book your theory test before you can start taking driving lessons. Starting your driving lessons before your theory can be faster, more efficient, and you can learn about the road before you start trying to memorize speed limits and the shapes of different signs! Learning can be easier when you’re out on the road.

We’ll keep your confidence sky-high as the test comes around

Ask your instructor for tips and tricks about your theory test, they are the experts!

Learning to drive with BSM in Wakefield

Manual or automatic?

Can’t make your mind between a Manual or Automatic car? We understand, it’s not always a straightforward choice.

Want to hop in a car and just drive? No hassle with the clutch? Automatic is the best option for a slightly more simplified drive

However, Manual control does mean you can jump in and drive both Manual and Automatic cars, very useful for emergencies or for your job!

Beginner or pro?

Racing driver at heart or a little wobbly behind the wheel to begin with? BSM teaches thousands of students across the country every year, we’ve seen everything! No matter if it’s your first time behind the wheel or you’ve already had 30 hours of lessons, BSM’s 1-2-1 driving lessons in Wakefield are shaped around you.

First-time lessons give you a great introduction to everything you need to know about your car and the road

A little nervy on the motorway? Understandable! We offer confidence-boosting lessons for a range of different driving challenges, contact us today

Want to improve your driving even once you’ve passed your test? Call us today to find out more about Pass Plus Course

Need a few booster lessons before an upcoming test? We love short notice bookings and will always find a space for you

Member benefits

As our little thank you for joining the BSM family, when you book a set of lessons with us we’ll also include a free AA standby breakdown membership. We take care of you in your lessons and into the future! You'll also have access to a range of discounts and offers.

Test locations near Wakefield

Navigating the city presents all sorts of challenges, from narrow streets to busy roundabouts. Our expert instructors in Wakefield know the city like the back of their hand and can teach you the exact driving skills you’ll need to pass with flying colours. We’ll build your skills, confidence and ability behind the wheel to help you pass first time.

Wakefield Practical Test Centre

Pass Rate:46.40%

Mothers Way, Silkwood Park, Ossett, West Yorkshire, WF5 9TR


Wheelchair Access

Pontefract Practical Test Centre

Pass Rate:40.40%

Baghill Station, Station Lane, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, WF8 1RB


Wheelchair Access

Heckmondwike Practical Test Centre

Pass Rate:38.20%

Tower Buildings, High Street, Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire, WF16 0AS


Wheelchair Access