BSM launches new Better, Safer Motorists strategy

Written by
Luke Davies
23rd of May, 2014
  • New ‘fair deal franchise’
  • Recruitment promise to protect existing instructors
  • Breaking away from offer-driven market

Britain’s oldest driving school, BSM, has launched a ground breaking new strategy for its future designed to move away from the traditional offer-driven model that dominates the driving instructor market.

The driving school has today (22/05) written to all its existing instructors to tell them about the changes they should expect to see in the coming months. It marks the first stage in the strategy and outlines to instructors BSM’s vision of ‘Better, Safer Motorists’ for the future.

To realise the vision, BSM is committed to investment right across the business, and in particular, in technology, marketing and training to equip BSM driving school franchisee partners with the latest tools, products and support.

Investment includes:

  • BSM MyDrive – our new mobile, business app, which allows instructors to manage their diary on the go.
  • Dedicated resources of our Training Academy to provide full support and guidance in every area of business.
  • New tuition car livery, personalised to each instructor with their name so they can promote themselves locally

Besides investment in technology and marketing, BSM is also creating a new fairer franchise, details of which will be shared with instructors in the coming months. The range of franchises offered by BSM will also be simplified so instructors can be sure they are getting the best agreement.

At the heart of the new fair deal franchise is a “Recruitment Promise”, which means that BSM will only allow those who share our vision of Better, Safer Motorists to become a franchised partner.

In addition, BSM will not recruit additional franchisees into any area unless there is already sufficient pupil demand to support the new franchisee.

Jim Kirkwood, managing director of BSM, said: “Better, Safer Motorists is far more than a strap line to us – it embodies our entire vision and ethos for the future.

“By working with our instructors as partners we know we can achieve it. That’s why we’re introducing a new fair deal franchise.

“We’re also introducing our new recruitment promise which recognises and safeguards the hard work all our instructors have put into building their business.

“As an industry I think we can sometimes be too quick to place only a monetary value on something – who can offer the cheapest franchise, the best introductory offer and so on. I know this is something we too have been a part of in the past.

“This strategy really marks a change in direction for us, and I hope the industry follows.

“There is often talk of how offers and promotions on lessons are devaluing the industry and I believe that challenge is also there in how we recruit, retain and promote our franchises.

“From now on, BSM will be able to offer all those who truly want to create the next generation of better, safer motorists a supportive and sustainable franchise with which to realise that ambition.”

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