AA & BSM Driving Instructor Training Course Insights Part 2

Written by
Luke Davies
1st of March, 2019

BSM Driving Instructor Training Course Insights

Gain insights in to the thought process behind the modules of our Driving Instructor Training Course from AA/BSM Driving Instructor Training Manager, Mark Born.

Modules 2 -7 Driving Skills Development

DVSA National Standard for Driving Cars and Light Vans

As a driving instructor you need to be fully familiar with the National Standard for Driving Cars and Light Vans and the Driving Syllabus.

The objective of the national standard is to set out exactly what is needed to drive safely and responsibly; clearly identifying the skills, knowledge and understanding a driver needs.

The five roles of the national standard are:

Role 1: Prepare yourself, the vehicle, and its passengers for a journey

Role 2: Guide and control the vehicle

Roles 3: Use the road in accordance with The Highway Code

Role 4: Drive safely and responsibly in the traffic system

Role 5: Review and adjust driving behaviour over lifetime

Each role is divided down into units and elements, stating clear performance standards of what you must be able to do and what you must know and understand.

Rather than simply to focus on the DVSA Part 2 Test the AA BSM Driving Instructor Training Course ensures our Potential Driving Instructors (PDI)/ Driving Instructor Trainees are acquiring the standard plus the ability to reflect and assess their own driving against the standard; a crucial skill to take forward with them throughout their training.

Some critical course elements of the Driving Instructor Training course at this stage also supports our Driving Instructor Trainees ability to recognise:

+ Potential barriers to their learning and development

+ The influence on ‘Human Factors’ that may influence their driving choices

+ Skill transfer barriers –transfer from the training environment to the ‘real world’ environment

+ The competencies within the National Standard for Driver and Rider Training

The in-car Driving Instructor Training is supported with over 40 demonstration videos, virtual classrooms and detailed guidance for independent learning supporting practice, route planning, ‘talking and driving’ skills as well as study the literature.


Mark Born AA BSM Driving Instructor Training Manager

I qualified as a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor in 2005. After running an independent driving school, developing local driving instructors, I joined an international driving school, who single purpose was to develop driving instructors with the skills, knowledge and ability to help reduce young novice driver collisions on the road.

I developed Driving Instructor Training Courses, and created teams of Driving Instructor Trainers, in the USA, China, Canada and throughout Europe, who to this day continue to deliver outstanding driver training to the next generation of learner drivers. Working with world leading academics, skilled practitioners and industry experts, I have been fortunate to develop a wealth of knowledge and expertise in driver safety, training and education.

In 2017, with the changes to the DVSA ADI Qualification process being put into place, I took the opportunity to return to focusing on creating effective driving instructors here in the UK and started to work with Driving Instructor Training.


The AA BSM Driving Instructor Training Course

Driving instructors are helping pupils acquire not only skills and knowledge, but also the understanding and approach they need to drive safely and responsibly throughout their lives. This means that learning to drive is not just about passing the driving test but about developing responsibility and a willingness to continue to learn. Building a trusting and equal relationship with pupils is key to meet this objective.

So, along with the traditional skills and knowledge training of how to be a driving instructor, some of the content of the Driving Instructor Training Course involves learning how to build those trusting relationships and how to ask questions that encourage pupils to self-assess and self-correct their driving behaviour.

Redesigned in 2017 to fully align with the DVSA National Standards for Driver and Rider Training, The Driving Instructor Training Course, consists of 25 skill-based modules, using a client centred learning approach to combine direct in-car driving instructor training delivered by an AA BSM Approved Driving Instructor Trainer and working with real pupils; with interactive online classroom workshops, e-learning, virtual study groups, detailed guidance for independent learning and practice, all with 24/7 support through an online resource centre, interactive forum, regional mentoring team and our dedicated telephone support team.

With course duration designed around the requirements of our Driving Instructor Trainees, the Driving Instructor Training Course, aims to encourage up to 130 to 150 learning hours (direct training + independent learning) with the option to use the DVSA Trainee Licence where appropriate.

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