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Do you want to pass your test quickly? Live a busy London life and need flexible hours? BSM is a top choice for driving lessons in Kensington and Chelsea. No one knows the area better than our instructors and we help thousands of students pass first-time every year.

Pass faster with BSM - over 75% of our students ace their test in just 40 hours of teaching time

The flexible schedule makes it easier to book morning, evening and weekend hours around work & study

Keep track of your progress with friendly 1-2-1 instruction which won’t break the bank

Amazing customer service, much easier than waiting around for your private instructor to message you back

Book in bulk for sweet discounts, BSM helps to make your lessons more affordable

Our instructors in Kensington and Chelsea

All our instructors are DBS checked for your safety

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Tired of waiting?

Messaged an instructor and still waiting for a callback? Don’t waste any more time. We know how important it is to get behind the wheel ASAP! BSM has over 800 instructors across the country and a team of 100+ staff waiting to take your call today.

Phone today, get behind the wheel tomorrow, we’ll fit you into the next available lesson

Got a test coming up and want to cram a few last lessons? We offer short-notice bookings

Something come up this week? Can’t make it to your lesson but still want to drive this weekend? Contact our team for amendments with no extra charge outside of 48 hours

Intensive Training

Keen to get on the road as soon as possible? We’ve created a specialized intensive driving training course designed to speed up the learning process. To find out more about learning to drive with intensive training in Kensington and Chelsea, give us a call.

Plus, with BSM you not only get access to the experience of our well-trained instructors, but we also have great links with driving schools in the local area. If your test falls through at the last minute we can arrange an emergency placement ASAP.

No better place to learn

BSM is one of the UK’s largest driving schools with instructors in pretty much every town and city in the country. Each instructor is tried and tested for professionalism and driving knowledge, DBS checked, and undergo our rigorous BSM vetting.

Personalized lesson structure and a friendly instructor, there’s no better way to learn

84% of our students stick with their original instructor right through to the final test

9/10 of BSM students recommend us once they’ve passed their test!*

Did you know that BSM actually helped design the modern British driving test?

We’ve got both male and female instructors on our roster

No unnecessary lessons

We don’t want to waste your time, or your money, on lessons you don’t need. Our instructors delivered over one million tuition hours this year alone, and not a single hour was wasted! BSM manages this through personalized 1-2-1 tuition and close progression tracking.

Our trained and experienced instructors know exactly when you’re ready to pass your test, no extra lessons for no reason!

Did you know? Our first-time pass rate is 10% higher than the DVSA national average **

If you turn out to be amazing at driving and pick up the concepts fast, we won’t charge you for lessons you don’t need

Did you know?

There’s no need to book your theory test before you jump in a car. In fact, it’s better to start your driving lessons and handle the theory test at a later date. Why waste any more time?

Learning practically is the way forward! Learn about those tricky street signs and speed limits in real life

Ask your instructor questions about your theory as you’re learning, they are driving experts!

Learning to drive with BSM in Kensington and Chelsea

Manual or automatic?

Choosing between Manual and Automatic is a key decisio when learning to drive, BSM have both type of cars in our fleet.

Automatic driving means you don’t need to worry about the clutch, ideal for those who want to make things simpler.

Manual is always recommended as it means you can drive either an Automatic or Manual control car once you pass your test, good for freedom in your career or during emergencies.

Beginner or pro?

Never stepped foot in a car before, or already spent a year learning how to drive? At BSM all our tuition is 1-2-1 and shaped around your experience and confidence. We’ll know exactly where you stand or sit!

First-timer lessons involve a fast rundown of everything you need to know about cars and the road

Nervous about a particular aspect of driving? The Motorway? Parking? Let our team know and we build a lesson structure around you

Have some nerves about your upcoming test? Our confidence-boosting lessons are designed to give you the power you need to pass your test

Already passed your test but want to learn more? Contact our team to find out more about a Pass Plus Course in Kensington and Chelsea

Member benefits

When you join BSM you’re not only getting access to the experience and connections of one of the UK’s largest and most trusted driving schools, we’ll also include a free AA Recovery Membership as our little thank you for choosing us!

Test locations near Kensington and Chelsea

Learning to drive in two of London’s busiest boroughs, Kensington and Chelsea, includes all the challenges of driving along clogged city streets. Our instructors have been teaching students how to drive in the area for years and know exactly what sort of skills and experience you’ll need to pass your driving test first time around. Whether it’s tricky bay parking manoeuvres or navigating a street at rush hour, our instructors have got what it takes to get you across the line with flying colours.

Not in Kensington and Chelsea? Not a problem.