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Do you prefer to study on your Laptop or PC? Now you can for Free with our new theory test practice centre. We’ve created a dedicated area that you can use to build and test your knowledge of the Highway code. With example questions and mock tests, you can ensure you’re ready when the big day comes.

Click here to visit our Free Theory Test area now 

You can practice tests with no pressure, by using our “practice test”. This gives you example questions to get used to the style of questions you might face. The system will update you with your progress and how much time you have left to finish. If you stop the test you can continue where you left off …or start a new test. An explanation of the answer is shown if you get the answer wrong.

At the end of all tests you can view all the questions you took, see which you got right and which you got wrong, and see an explanation for the correct answer.

Example of the Theory Practice Area

Don’t forget you can revisit the area just before your Pracrical Test as well, to refresh your knowledge.

Click here to visit our Free Theory Test area now 

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