Faultless Pass

Faultless Pass

Jul 02, 2012

Faultless driving test pass for young Peckham driver

Khalid Abbas, from Peckham, is celebrating an 'L' of an achievement after passing his driving test faultlessly.

The 22-year-old passed first time with a clean sheet at the Hither Green test centre after nine months of lessons with BSM instructor Sunjay Sungkur.

The result is even more impressive because Khalid is the first person in his family to pass his driving test so he had no one who was able to help him with private practice.

Khalid, who passed on June 23rd, said: “I was absolutely thrilled when I found out that I had passed faultlessly. At the end of the test, after the examiner told me that I had passed, he asked me how many driving faults I thought I had made.

“I replied that I honestly did not know. He said ‘none’, and I was speechless!

“My instructor Sunjay advised me to open up my commentary constantly throughout my drive and I think that was key in getting this result.”

Sunjay, 49, lives in Southwark and teaches in inner and outer London.

He is due to graduate from Middlesex University on July 19th with a Masters Degree in driving instruction.

He said: “Khalid is my first pupil to produce a faultless pass and it is a great achievement, which he should be very proud of.

“I’ve taught him from the start and he’s always been an excellent pupil.”

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